Transformative Leadership

September 27, 2018 at 11:00am EST (New York Time)

Transformative Leadership: Embracing the 5 pillars of The COVETed Leader Model

by Fazl H. Siddiqui

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Traditionally, people were believed to have been “born to be a leader.” Leadership skills were something you had or you didn’t have. If you were a leader, you were genetically lucky, and if you weren’t, nothing you did could change who you were. Known as “The Great Man Theory,” leadership was a trait like height, eye color, or athletic ability. If you were a born leader, your abilities made you part of a divine class. People believed that leaders and followers were almost different species. Supporters of this leadership-exclusivity viewpoint argued that every society singled out intellectually and morally superior individuals. It was believed that they were the divinely appointed leaders of every society. Fortunately, the leadership DNA myth has been debunked, and Plato’s “elitist phenomena” has been disproven. In our study of leadership over the decades, we have learned that true leaders all have a burning desire to lead, to be influential and motivational, to take responsibility for themselves and others, and to stand out and to be sought after. They don’t have a natural ability for leadership, but they do have a great desire to lead people. That desire, coupled with a drive to succeed and standout, combined with a set of learned skills that they apply as leaders, is what makes them leaders. In light of such contradicting theories, leadership has become an even more perplexing and dramatic subject, something huge, something bigger than us, something beyond us, something scary. Leadership has been made into a challenge, a larger-than-us purpose, changing the world. And the title of leader has long been treated as if it’s something that one day we’re going to deserve, something we’re going to become worthy of. Despite all this debate and theories being developed and flaunted all over, the sad part is that:
  • Leadership has not improved. In fact, the quality of leaders has rapidly deteriorated.
  • Most people disagree with or do not think highly of their leaders.
  • Trust in leaders is at an abysmal low.
  • Leaders who defy every rule in the book shockingly become successful.
  • Egotistic leaders land in leadership positions, perchance by either being born in a certain family or getting lucky by being in the right place at the right time.
The COVETedLeader Model is based on the belief that every one of us has a leader within! You don't have to be running a multimillion dollar company to be a leader. Each of us possesses something that we are good at and something in which we can excel when given the opportunity. You can Let Every Action of yours Define you. You can be The COVETed Leader!   TheCOVETedLeader is someone who makes a positive impact in the world by making others feel bigger and better than who they think they are! These are ordinary people with ordinary dreams who make theirs and the lives of those around them extraordinarily fulfilling. You can discover how you can often find your inner leader at just the right time and show up in the world where your actions are devoid of glory and greed. What gets in the way of showing up this way is either your ego or emotion; therefore you need to tame ego and manage emotions. By embracing these 5 pillars of transformative leadership and the underlying tenets and behavioral traits you will find:
  • A burning desire and Courage to lead
  • The Optimism and motivation to succeed
  • The Vision to define and take responsibility for your dreams
  • The Excellence to become a sought after world-class performer
  • The authenticity and integrity to build self and others and inspire Trust
  • The concept of The COVETedLeader and 5 Pillars of Transformative Leadership
  • The importance of Excellence for Strategic Leadership
  • How can Leaders focus on behaviors to bring out their best
  • How to get to get to the next level of leadership performance both professionally and personally
  • Learn about the three areas of leadership performance and four domains of life


Fazl Siddiqui is an author, executive coach, consultant, trainer, and an innovation facilitator known for developing executives and leaders. He is highly accomplished as an HR executive with 30+ years’ corporate experience in leadership development, talent management, executive team alignment, and integrating business strategy with strategic human capital initiatives. He has three Masters’ Degrees and has worked in a variety of industries including manufacturing, retail, oil & gas, and the financial sector. Working in senior executive positions in the corporate world, Fazl was instrumental in setting the Center for Leadership Development for the Kuwait Oil Sector and the Graduate Development Program to nurture young leaders at the Gulf Bank of Kuwait, programs that live on successfully to-date. Through these endeavors, he has assisted many leaders and their teams in understanding their strengths, collaborate effectively and drive organizational and personal success. Fazl’s passion lies in helping people find the leader in them and harnessing that leader to improve their professional and personal lives. He understands how leaders evolve and know how to help them create corporate cultures that bring out the leadership qualities in teams. He has a proven track record for helping leaders increase their level of effectiveness and circle of influence both professionally and personally. Fazl is a “leader maker” who strives to bring out the best in people, inspire them and spark innovative ideas through coaching, mentoring and facilitation. Through his comprehensive writings and programs, he works with groups and individuals, both seasoned professionals and those just starting out on their leadership journey.

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