Research in 3 Minutes

Association of North America Higher Education International (ANAHEI) is proud to present "Research in 3 Minutes" project/competition. R3M will feature research presentations in 3 minutes. The aim of this project is to make the research accessible to the general public in layman's terms. The presentations will be made by using Zoom or similar tool. It will be available from ANAHEI website to public. The viewers will vote on the presentations, therefore, determining the top presenters.

The Rules: 

  1. Presentation must be done in 3 minutes or less
  2. Presentation must be done in such a way that general public can understand and interested.
  3. Presentations should introduce the research project, briefly describe how the research is done and answer the question of "So What?"
  4. Presentations should have no more than 4 slides. The first slide must have authors' names and affiliations.
  5. Video presentations should be accompanied by a 500-word or less abstract.
  6. If there are multiple authors, all author names should be included.
  7. The research may have been or not published elsewhere.
  8. The language of the presentations are in English. In the future, we will feature other languages.

The Competition:

All submissions will be made public from this website. Public will be invited to watch and vote on the presentations. Submissions are open year around. Two times in a year (May and December), three top winners will be given a prize.


  1. Winner: $1000
  2. Runner Up: $750
  3. Third Place: $500

Who can submit an entry?

Any faculty member, researcher, scholar, graduate and undergraduate students who completed a research study can submit an entry.

How to submit?

Please prepare a video file of your presentation. You can use Zoom as a tool to record your video. Zoom is free and you can record yourself and your slides. You can use other tools as long as the output is a MP4 file.

After you prepare your file, please submit it here.