Our Organization

Our Mission

The mission of ANAHEI, as a non-profit organization is to promote and encourage a global culture at member institutions, globalize student and faculty successes, enhance global initiatives among member institutions and deepen global engagement. ANAHEI believes that the problems of the future will be solved by global citizens who understand, appreciate and respect other cultures.

Our Objectives

1. Create opportunities for the global exchange of people and ideas that promote intercultural competence and appreciation.
2. Help building robust and sustainable partnerships among member institutions necessary for innovative and cooperative solutions to the global challenges.
3. Encourage the creation of academic programs in member institutions informed by the global context.
4. Encourage member institutions to create learning experiences that allow students to integrate successfully into international communities and work environments at home and abroad.
5. Create scholarship opportunities for faculty and students who pursue globally focused education, research and scholarship.
6. Create innovative, global educational programs for members.
7. Enable exchange of visiting scholars among member institutions.
8. Hold an international education conference.