Dr. Ilan Alon

Lecture Series: September 12, 2017 at 11:00am EST (5pm Norwegian Time)

Chinese globalisation is upon us. But the Chinese companies internationalisation, speed of internationalisation and mode of entry follow a different pattern from their Western peers. The talk will review the extant literature and theories and suggest new ways to think about and research China’s drive to global markets.

Association of North America Higher Education International (ANAHEI) Lecture series proudly presents Prof Ilan Alon, Professor of Strategy and International Marketing at the University of Agder, Norway. The title is "China goes Global: Present Theory and Future Directions". This webinar is available and free of charge to Association of North America Higher Education International (ANAHEI) members. ANAHEI is a non-profit organisation that aims connect campuses across the globe. To attend the webinar, you need to have access to a computer or smart device with an internet connection. ANAHEI Distinguished Series: Prof Ilan Alon from Assoc of North America Higher Ed on Vimeo.