Hotel Industry Foundations and Introduction to Analytics (HIFIA) Workshop

Hotel Industry Foundations and Introduction to Analytics (HIFIA) Workshop

Conducted by the STR SHARE Center on

Tuesday, 2 October 2018 at the Hoa Sen University in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


We are pleased to announce a “Hotel Industry Foundations and Introduction to Analytics” (HIFIA) Workshop to be held immediately prior to the GLOSEARCH Conference.  The session will be held Tuesday, 2 October, from 08:30 AM to 5:00 PM.  The location will be Hoa Sen University in Ho Chi Minh City.  We appreciate Dr. Vu Tuong Thuy, Vice President, and Dr. Le Minh Thanh, Vice Dean, of Hoa Sen University for hosting.


The Hotel Industry Foundations and Introduction to Analytics (HIFIA)

The “Hotel Industry Foundations and Introduction to Analytics” (HIFIA) certification program is an abbreviated version of the “Certification in Hotel Industry Analytics”(CHIA) and is offered globally to undergraduate/graduate students and professors through a joint effort between STR and AHLEI.  The CHIA has quickly become the leading certification for undergraduate and graduate students in Hospitality and Tourism programs.  The HIFIA is geared for two-year schools, vocational institutions and colleges in developing areas of the world.  The HIFIA consists of 5 sections instead of 16 sections in the CHIA.  The duration of the training is shorter, less than half of the time required for the CHIA.  Although the HIFIA has less of an emphasis on math, reports and analyzing data, it still builds a solid foundation on Hotel Industry Basics.  It provides a thorough introduction to the math required by a hotel or tourism industry professional, to the reports that are used in the hotel and tourism industry and to the analytic skills used by industry professionals.  After attending the workshop, participants will have the opportunity to take the certification exam.  More details will be provided.  Upon passing the exam, recipients receive a certificate and can use the HIFIA designation on their business cards and resumes/CVs.


The HIFIA Workshop

The certificate program is based upon five content areas:

  1. The Players in the Hotel Industry – various affiliations
  2. Categorization Used by the Hotel Industry – various ways hotels are defined and categorized, both geographically and non-geographically
  3. Introduction to Benchmarking – ways the hotel and tourism industry compare performance to competitors
  4. Intro to Hotel Math – an introduction to key performance indicators, formulas, and math-related terms
  5. Intro to Industry Reports – an introduction to reports that are used to measure performance of hotels and markets

HIFIA training includes case scenarios, hints, sample reports, analysis examples, quizzes and discussion questions.  Application exercises are also included where participants gain hands-on experience working with hotel data.  All training material and the workshop agenda will be sent to attendees in advance of the session.  The session also prepares instructors to be able to present the HIFIA training to their students at their own schools.  A more detailed content outline is available upon request.


Workshop cost and registration information

Professors/Instructors – The workshop and certificate is free to faculty at STR SHARE Center member schools.  If your school is not a member of the STR SHARE Center, there is a brief enrollment form to complete for a complimentary trial membership. Register by emailing


Students – The workshop is $30, which includes the certification.  Prior arrangements must be made with a qualified faculty member at your school to proctor the exam following the workshop.  Register by emailing


Industry Professionals – Please email for details.