Waynne B. James Outstanding Dissertation Award

Waynne B. James Outstanding Dissertation Award honors an individual whose dissertation makes an outstanding contribution to the field of global education. The winners will be featured at the Global Conference on Education and Research. Self-nominations are welcome! The student will be the recipient of the award.

Dr. Waynne B. James, a professor and member of the graduate faculty at the University of South Florida. She has chaired more than 150 PhD students during her career. She has worked with a variety of individuals relating to adult learning styles, learning styles assessment, project evaluation, school improvement, staff development, and curriculum development, among others. She continues to work closely with a large number of doctoral students. Her primary areas of interest include adult learning and development, learning styles, history of the field of adult education, international adult education, and competency- based curriculum development viewed from a cross-cultural focus.


  • The paper must be based on a doctoral dissertation successfully defended within the past two years.
  • The dissertation topic must be related to global education.
  • Make an interesting contribution to advancing new ideas or new frameworks of thinking in the field of global education.
  • Strongly incorporate relevant theoretical and empirical literature.
  • Demonstrate appropriate analysis and interpretation of the research results.
  • Offer interesting (and warranted) inferences regarding the theoretical and applied implications of the findings and suggest promising directions for future research.
  • Logically, succinctly, and clearly present the ideas.

The following guidelines will be used to ensure consistent submissions by candidates. Submissions that are not in accordance with these guidelines will not be reviewed.

Submissions can be in the form of submitted dissertation (PDF copy) or a published article from the dissertation (PDF along with all publication citation). Proof that the dissertation is accepted by the nominee's university (a direct link to the dissertation from the nominee's university library will be accepted as a proof). The candidate must submit a copy of his/her curriculum vitae (CV). Candidates should submit all materials.

  Please nominate your colleague(s) here. Self nominations are welcome!