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Academic Peer Review: Benefits and Challenges

March 7th, 2018. at 3:00pm EST (New York Time)

Academic Peer Review: Benefits and Challenges

Moderator: Dr. Faizan Au Panelists: Dr. Ulrike Gretzel, Dr. Stanislav Ivanov, Dr. Metin Kozak, Dr. Marissa Orlowski

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The focus of this online panel discussion is academic reviewing, its importance as well as the benefits and challenges brought by it. We will be discussing the ethical issues too and providing some tips and tricks.

Webinar video and slides are available online.

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Dr. Stanislav Ivanov

Dr. Stanislav Ivanov is currently Professor and Vice Rector (Research) at Varna University of Management, Bulgaria ( He is the Editor-in-chief of the European Journal of Tourism Research ( and serves in the Editorial boards of 30 other journals. His research interests include robonomics, robots in tourism/hospitality, revenue management, destination marketing, tourism and economic growth, political issues in tourism, etc. His publications have appeared in different academic journals – Annals of Tourism Research, Tourism Management, Tourism Management Perspectives, International Journal of Revenue Management, Tourism Economics, Journal of Destination Marketing & Management and other journals. Prof. Ivanov is also an active reviewer, writing more than 80 reviews per year for journals like:
  • International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management
  • Tourism Management
  • Tourism Economics
  • Annals of Tourism Research
  • Anatolia

Dr. Marissa Orlowski

Dr. Marissa Orlowski is an Assistant Professor at the University of Central Florida Rosen College of Hospitality Management. Her research interests lie in the domain of food and beverage. She is currently working on a number of beverage research studies from a variety of perspectives that make inroads into this minimally developed area. Her secondary interest is the application of organizational behavior theories, particularly leadership and group dynamics, to the food and beverage sector. Dr. Orlowski serves as the Assistant Editor for the International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management. Her academic career is preceded by over 15 years of restaurant, bar, and catering management experience in the hospitality industry with prominent brands such as Walt Disney World Parks & Resorts and The Cheesecake Factory. Dr. Orlowski is the assistant editor for International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management (IJCHM)

Dr. Ulrike Gretzel

Dr. Ulrike Gretzel is currently a Senior Fellow at the Center of Public Relations, Annenberg School of Communication, University of Southern California and also serves as the Director of Research at Netnografica, a market research company that extracts insights from online conversations. She received her Ph.D. in Communications from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and holds a master’s degree in International Business from the Vienna University of Economics and Business. Her research focuses on the impact of technology on human experiences and specifically looks at the structure of technology-mediated communication. She has also researched smart tourism development, tourism in technological dead zones, and the quest for digital detox experiences. She is an editorial board member for a few journals including: Annals of Tourism and Research|Journal of Travel and Research|Electronic Markets|Computers in Human Behaviour. She has also reviewed for over 50 journals including:
  • Information Technology & Tourism
  • Computers in Human Behavior
  • Journal of Business Research
  • International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management
  • International Journal of Hospitality Management
  • Journal of Travel Research
  • Service Industries Journal

Dr. Metin Kozak

Dr. Metin Kozak serves as the Professor and Dean of the Reha Midilli Foca Tourism Faculty at Dokuz Eylul University, Turkey. He has published a wider range of articles in top-tier journals such as (i.e. Annals, TM, JTR, IJHM, Cornell Quarterly, JTTM), conference papers in more than 40 countries and books released by Elsevier, Routledge, CABI, Emerald, Springer, Cambridge Scholars Publishing among others. Dr. Kozak acts as the co-editor of Anatolia and serves as an editorial board member of over 20 journals including Annals, JTR, JTTM, JBR, and TA. In addition, He has served as an ad-hoc reviewer for many other tourism and hospitality journals. As of September 2017, his works have received over 350 citations in ISI-referenced journals and over 9,500 citations counted by Google Scholar. He is the editorial board member of several journals including: The Service Industries Journal | European Journal of Management & Business Economics | Journal of Business Research | Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Management | Journal of Travel Research. He is also a reviewer for over 30 journals, including:
  • International Journal of Intercultural Relations
  • Asia Pacific Journal of Tourism Research
  • Tourism Recreation Research
  • Cornell Quarterly
  • International Journal of Hospitality Management
  • International Journal of Tourism Research
  • Journal of Tourism Studies

Dr. Faizan Ali

Dr. Faizan Ali is an active member of academic hospitality associations. Currently, he serves as the Assistant Editor (Methodology) for International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management , Coordinating Editor for International Journal of Hospitality Management and as an Assistant Editor for International Interdisciplinary Business Advancement (IIBA) Journal. He also serves on the editorial boards of various journals including European Journal of Tourism Research, Tourism Economics, The Services Industries Journal, Asia Pacific Journal of Innovation in Hospitality and Tourism Research and Journal of Marine Tourism. Dr. Ali is a trained expert in usage of various statistical tools such as Structural Equation Modelling (SEM) and Partial Least Squares (PLS-SEM).
  • Assistant professor, College of Hospitality and Tourism Leadership, USFSM
  • Assistant Editor (Methodology), International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management (IJCHM)
  • Tourism Recreation Research
  • Coordinating Editor, International Journal of Hospitality Management (IJHM)
  • Associate Editor, IIBA Journal
  • Director of Research Methods and Statistics, ANAHEI